You can have own online iPad/iPhone Catalog App ready in just half an hour. Get Started Now. iTouch Catalogs are hosted on a secured cloud environment. Just browse through the iTouch Catalog real time 24/7. Always up to date.

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iTouch Catalog Enables your company to be listed in iTunes with your own branded app. Customers and prospects can easily look up your own catalog App in iTunes, download and start browsing it.

Do you want a Private Version of iTouch Catalog with your own logo and app in iTunes Store? Be it an open app, which anyone can download, and browse or a B2B app for your sales force only.

The private iTouch Catalog enables your company to be listed in iTunes Store with your own branded App. Customers and prospects can easily look up your catalog app in iTunes, download and start browsing it.

Now iTouch Catalog empowers you to see your private app before you make a decision to purchase it. You can now request for a Trial Version of the Private iTouch Catalog for Absolute FREE and see how your catalog application looks like in iTunes Store with your brand name and products in it.

Printed Catalogs are a thing of the past. No more wasting precious resources like paper and print. In a matter of half an hour or so, you can create and have an online catalog. iTouch Catalog Maintenance is quick and easy, open your catalog and update the information whenever you want.

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About iTouch Catalog

Background/History of iTouch Catalog

The basis of the iTouch Catalog App started a few years ago with developing 4 other catalog based Apps, the iRoparun App, the PFC and Edelman B2B Catalog Apps. Many rounds of improvements and feedback of real customers have already been implemented.

As the Apple platform grew and the worldwide craze for iPhones and iPads soared overnight, we were exploring the ways in which small and medium sized companies can leverage on this unique trend and the touch experience. After much homework, we ventured into the development of iTouch Catalog in 2010. Our aim was to enable companies, big or small, to easily and effortlessly manage their own iTouch Catalog, online and real-time opening up a whole new world of catalog experience, online marketing and cost savings

Development and Improvements:

We started by developing the SaaS (Software as a Service) Version of the catalog in June 2011, after several rounds of improvements based on the feedback of pilot customers, we went live with the first release of the iTouch Catalog.

Our challenge and ambition today is to keep innovating and improving the catalog solution by incorporating as much feedback as possible to make it one of the best platforms for marketing.

iTouch CatalogTM – Sharing your products to the world iTouch Catalog is an innovative catalog marketing App solution by Javra Software B.V. | Innovation in Progress. Javra Software is a software development company founded in 1999, in the Netherlands. Javra Nepal and Javra China were established in early 2006 and 2012, respectively. Javra Software enables business to grow by offering innovative IT services and products…[Know more about Javra]

Your Feedback Counts We believe our customers and users are the driving force behind future versions and actual usage of the iTouch Catalog. As we strive to continually improve the iTouch Catalog App solution, we would appreciate your feedback, ideas and support. Feel free to send us your valuable inputs at iTouch or go to support. Please post your constructive feedbacks and suggestions in iTunes comments and don’t forget to rate the App.

The iTouch Catalog Team